Captain Dave

Hi, I’m Captain David Dewberry.  I’m a 3rd generation gulf coast fisherman and have been fishing these waters for well over thirty five years.  I grew up commercial fishing and charter fishing.  In the late seventies and early eighties, my family could see that times were getting tougher for fishermen, so they encouraged me to find a more “profitable line of work”.  In 1999 after some schoolin’ and several years as a technical designer for Raytheon and Boeing, I decided to get back to my passion.  So, I bought a 25′ boat and with a lot of hard work, wonderful customers, and some blessings from above I was off to a good start.  Since then,  my (defintely better half) wife Vera and I, have expanded our business to 9 boats (the largest slightly over 70′) and a wonderful crew of more than twenty.  However, as long as I have been fishing, I still find that I can learn a new trick now and then. Along with the Destin, Florida fishing reports, I will add some tips and tricks that have helped me.  I hope it will help you catch more fish on your adventures.

Tight lines,
Captain David Dewberry